What does a REALTOR® do for a buyer when purchasing a house in Milwaukee?

or do I need a buyer’s agent to purchase?

It’s not surprising that the majority of today’s Milwaukee home buyers are using a real estate agent to help them find their new home.

We will also go through the risks of purchasing through the listing agent and why who you hire as a Buyer’s Agent matters.

The primary role of a buyers agent is to get you from Point A (thinking about buying) to Point B (happy home owner) in the safest way possible with the least amount of hassle.

Provide a service in your best interest with a fiduciary duty is their job.

With a fiduciary duty, they will keep you protected as they will be dedicated to you and no one else – not the listing agent, not the home owner. Having the buyer’s agent represent you on the buying side of a real estate transactions makes sure you have someone working for your best interest.

How do I chose a Buyer's Agent?

  • Meet with prospective buyer agents in their brokers’ offices. Any good buyer’s agent will want to know whether you have been pre-approved by the bank and what kind of loan you are getting.
  • Listen for the agent to explain agency relationships to you. The law requires agents to explain whether they will be working for the buyer or the seller.
  • Ask if the agent will be showing you only in-house listings or if he will show you anything on the market that may be suitable.
  • Expect a home-buying education, not a scripted sales pitch. Competent buyer’s agents help their buyers to think clearly as the home-buying process unfolds.
  • Agree to sign a buyer’s agency agreement after you have met with an agent. Some people sign an agency agreement after attending a showing given by the agent.

Buyer Agent's Duties

  • Educate you about the neighborhood
  • Share their network with you
  • Reduce financial surprises by outlining the buyer costs
  • Perform Due Diligence, see “potential” in a home, but also advise you when to walk away.
  • Make sure your contract is rock solid & safe
  • Negotiate price and terms
  • Help to facilitate the offer to completion date process